Lessons from Scooter

A few weeks ago I dogsat for my friend Audry’s dog, Scooter. I love dogs, but Scooter is a special favorite. He’s smart, sheepskin-colored, and extremely snuggly.

Little did I realize, he’s also a sage when it comes to life lessons.

Photo credit: Audry Nicklin

Lessons from Scooter

1. Get up each morning like it’s the best day of your life.

Photo credit: Audry Nicklin

Every morning he’d pounce on me, full of energy and enthusiasm like it was his first day of being alive. No coffee. No grumbles. Like a kid who gets to ride his favorite roller coaster. Every. Day.

2. Stare out the window. 

Photo credit: Audry Nicklin

There are beautiful things out there. Trees. Ideas. Cats to chase.

3. Stop and smell the roses (or the bushes and fire hydrants). 

Photo credit: Audry Nicklin

Walkies aren’t just for arriving places. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

4. Snooze.


Because who wants to work straight through a warm afternoon when there’s a soft blanket around? Besides, all the enthusiasm and walkies are tiring. 

5. Cuddle up with the people you love.


Never miss an opportunity to show love through snuggles. Even when the person is in the middle of writing a novel.


Thanks, Scooter. I love you too.


6 thoughts on “Lessons from Scooter

  1. It’s funny to hear that he pounces on you in the morning. He used to do that to me every day, but I think I take too long to get up in the morning. Now he waits to hear me acknowledge him, then I get pounced on.


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