Graduation Day

This weekend my baby brother graduates from college.


He’s worked so hard to train as an engineer, and he’s going to be a great one. I’m so proud of him. I can’t wait to see him decked out in all this regalia. (Regalia. Isn’t that a great word?)


It reminds me of this thing that was happening three years ago.

Kodak 083

Graduation always looks perfect and cheery on Facebook. And it is indeed an accomplishment to celebrate. But more than that, it’s an open door to a world beyond: a world full of unknowns.

At breakfast this morning, I was reflecting to my bro that it’s important to do something you love with your life. Yes, a certain amount of money is necessary to living. And no job in the world will make every single Monday your favorite day of the week. But to feel some passion, some fulfillment, some purpose in what you’re doing with your life, both on and off the clock? That’s important.

These three years of my life post-college have been full of the unexpected. There’s been confusion. Uncertainty. Heartbreak. Disappointment. But some of my cherished dreams have come true in more dazzling ways than I could have wished for. And I’ve stumbled over some new dreams that my college self didn’t even have the imagination to visualize.


So good luck, Daniel. I love you always, and I wish you a spirit of adventure for the unknown road ahead. No one can tell you what’s coming around the bend. But with trust, vision, grit, and a good classic rock soundtrack, you’re looking at a mighty fine roadtrip.


4 thoughts on “Graduation Day

  1. Congratulations Daniel.
    I wish you the best and brightest future ahead. Whatever you choose to do you will be great at it.
    It has been awesome watching you grow up. Kudos to your mom for an amazing job of nurturing you and Alina. You two are wonderful and loving young people.
    Xo love you,
    Freddie Jo


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