Meeting an author inspires students to fall in love with writing!  Alina is a frequent speaker at public and private schools, homeschool groups, and literary events, whether meeting virtually or in person.

Photo credit: Paty Sayre

“Having Alina in our class was a HUGE success. She simultaneously encouraged the children to reach for their dreams, especially if they wanted to write, but shared that the process, especially editing, is challenging. If you want kids to get excited about writing I can think of few better ways than to have them meet a published author.”-Jonathan Lee, former 6th-7th grade teacher and current administrator, San Jose Unified School District

Photo credit: Jim Hillmann

“Alina’s presentation was a great learning opportunity for my 5th grade students. They were very motivated and genuinely excited to meet her and ask her questions. She was enthusiastic, articulate and very genuine and authentic with the students. Our school principal attended the [visit] and she and I were both impressed with the level of enthusiasm that the students had for this type of opportunity.”  –Tomás Gonda, 5th grade teacher, Richfield Dual Language School

Photo credit: Kara Smith

“Alina made the students feel…like authors in the making as she took their ideas seriously and gave positive feedback. She explained every concept in simple, concise terms and made the tools accessible. Inspiration was a huge benefit for the students.” -Anne Teagarden, director, SELAH Christian homeschool support group

Photo credit: Paty Sayre

Here’s what parents and students are saying: 

“[My son] got inspired and motivated by the author’s workshop, and he started to write a long story from the outline he did in class. He is at his 6th page now, and nowhere near finished!” -Mei Mei, middle school parent

“You inspired me to write a story.” -Patricia, 6th grade

To book Alina as a guest speaker for your school, homeschool group, or literary event, send her an email

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