Book party for a friend!

In a time when we’re all craving some good news and something fun to do at home, here’s something: a new book release from my friend A.R. Silverberry!

We first met at an author event at the lovely, late Village House of Books (R.I.P.) and swapped fantasy titles. His new collection of original fairy tales, Cerberus: Tales of Magic and Malice releases tomorrow, so he’s touring the Web to promote it! I got to ask him a few questions on the way. Enjoy!

Welcome, A.R.! So tell us: how did you get started writing?

My wife and I were on a fairy tale kick back in 1998, reading them to each other. When we ran out of those, I started checking out Oz books from the library. After a few of those I said to myself, I bet could write one of these. How wrong I was! But I started working on a fantasy, which was never published, and that’s when I got bitten by the writer’s bug.

What draws you to fantasy/fairy tales in particular?

I love creating worlds where anything can happen, where I’m not restricted by the boundaries of reality. And there’s something seductive about magic. It seems to be the twin of Imagination. Plus, the villains and heroes in fantasies are often larger than life.

What inspired your current series?

Aside from the short stories in Cerberus, I’ve been working on a novella and a novel, paired prequels to my first book, Wyndano’s Cloak. Same world, a few overlapping characters. I’m not sure where it will go. I really like the main characters in these new tales, so I’ll probably have to usher them out of the picture so they don’t interfere with events in Wyndano’s Cloak.

Did anything unexpected happen as you were writing Cerberus?

Yes! There are interesting pairs. Pairs of stories. Pairs of villains. Pairs of orphans. Pairs of fairy tales. Pairs about love and loyalty. You can’t plan these things. I realized it as I was getting them ready for publication. But we only have one unconscious, and when it comes to creativity, though one may think otherwise, it’s always in the driver’s seat.

The fact is inescapable: you’re doing your book tour from home as we shelter in place due to COVID-19. What is your favorite strategy for staying sane in the midst of the pandemic?

Here’s my short list:

  • Do the things I enjoy every day
  • Only look at the news briefly to find out if there is anything important I need to know to keep my family safe
  • Exercise daily
  • Connect with the people you love
  • Read something that sweeps you away

Thank you so much for joining us! You can pre-order the book from Amazon now for $0.99!

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About the Author:

A. R. Silverberry writes science fiction and fantasy for children, teens, and adults. His novels, Wyndano’s Cloak and The Stream, earned numerous awards, including the Benjamin Franklin Award gold medal for Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction. He lives in California, where he explores enchanted forests, searching for pixies and elves.

To celebrate the release of Cerberus, A. R Silverberry is giving away prizes! To enter the contest, click here!

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