A Newsy Month for Books

Lots of exciting updates here! Besides being my birthday month, February has been a big one for the books!

First was the FANTASTIC news that Reader’s Favorite, an independent website, published a 5-star review of The Illuminator’s Gift (and gave it a shiny medal)!! I was so honored and encouraged to receive this kind of praise from a third-party source. You can read the review here. If you haven’t already left your own Amazon review of The Illuminator’s Gift and The Illuminator’s Test, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Low res shiny

Next up: I’m pleased to announce that you can now find BOTH my books shelved at Village House of Books (Los Gatos), Spectator Books (Piedmont), and Hicklebee’s (Willow Glen)! I won’t deny that I enjoy the convenience of Amazon, but if you’re looking for my books, consider doing something good for your neighborhood and picking up a copy at one of these local shops (they’re super cute on the inside, too!).

Spectator Books 2-15 Hicklebee's 2-15

Last but not least: this month I had the opportunity to be the first-ever author guest at the College of Adaptive Arts in San Jose. This innovative program offers adults with disabilities the opportunity to flourish by learning a variety of creative and life skills in a safe and nurturing environment. To be honest, presenting a lecture here was a stretching experience for me. Standard presentation formats all went out the window in the first five minutes. But in exchange, I got to witness the unique perspective and unlimited enthusiasm of these sweet students. They understand, perhaps more than anyone, that writing means seeing the world a little differently, like looking through a kaleidoscope.


More exciting events are in the works, so keep checking back to the News & Events page for updates! To find out how to book me as a speaker at your own school, homeschool group, or event, check out the Speaking page. 

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