Fresh Out Of Words

Sometimes, when you finish a book, you find you’re just fresh out of words.

Today all my words are inside my newly released sequel: The Illuminator’s Test. Writing and producing it was a madcap marathon of a journey, and the result comes from my heart. I hope it speaks to yours too.

Any of my words that aren’t inside the new book are on other people’s blogs this week. So for a review of The Illuminator’s Test, an interview on how to get kids to love reading, and a guest post on how to beat writer’s block, I direct you to the three most recent stops on my blog tour. There are three more stops coming up next week!

Stop 1: A review of The Illuminator’s Test on The Book Sage book review blog

Stop 2: Author interview on Los Gatos Poet Laureate Erica Goss’s blog

Stop 3: “7 Tips to Beating Writer’s Block” on award-winning author A. R. Silverberry’s blog

You might have more luck weaseling some words out of me if we meet up in person. This month I’ll be at:

-12/7: Recycle Books, Campbell! I’ll be hanging out at the sidewalk table outside of Recycle Books with book reviewer Lloyd Russell between 10:15 and 12:15. Stop by and pick up a signed copy of The Illuminator’s Gift (we’ll see if my print copies of Book 2 arrive by then!) or just chat about books (which is my favorite thing ever).

-12/13: Book launch party at Village House of Books! Want to get your paperback copy of The Illuminator’s Test in time for Christmas, have it signed, and hang out with illustrator Amalia Hillmann and me, all at the same time? Then come to the book launch party being held at Village House of Books in Los Gatos! On Saturday, December 13, the new store on 21 W Main Street will stay open for us after hours and we can party! Treats, face painting, and art activities from 6:30-7:30, then a read-along, Q&A session, and book signing from 7:30-8. Stop by for a few minutes or stay all evening! Hope you can make it!

While we’re at it, I invite you to check out the new and updated pages of my website. The News and Events page has all this information and more, and the Books page has clickable links to both my books and the places they’re being sold. The website’s newest addition is the Speaking page. Once I get my words back, I’ll be gearing up to speak for a variety of schools, homeschool groups, book clubs, and other venues next year. I’d love for yours to be among them! Send me an e-mail if you’re interested in setting up an author talk or workshop.

That was a lot of words for someone who’s fresh out! Maybe I’ll go read a book now and find some more.

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