Office Supply Love

After books, some of my favorite things are office supplies. As a self-employed writer/speaker/editor/tutor, not only do I need these tools for my trade(s), but they also make me really happy.

Like really, really happy. Probably way happier than a normal person should be about lots of paper, plastic, and ink. But normal is overrated.

Because smoothing the pages of a blank planner, cracking the plastic on a new box of post-it notes, opening a fresh dry-erase marker–these are the signs of new beginnings, like daffodils in a California January. With this new batch of tools, who knows what new starts I could make this year?


I’m serious about my office supply shopping. I wait for back-to-school sales, compare bargains, then stock up for the whole year. This year my brother and I even made a date of it. He deserves a medal for waiting with great patience as I stood waffling in the notebook aisle.


The best part of office supply shopping, obviously, is choosing pens. Though it’s also the hardest. Good pens are like good friends–with you through thick and thin. Nothing irritates me like a pen that gives up in the middle of a battle scene or that writes inconsistent sentences.

My new love is the Sharpie pen, which I discovered when I started signing books last December. It’s a fine-point, felt-tip pen with an absolutely consistent ink flow, just like a regular Sharpie. But unlike a regular Sharpie, it doesn’t bleed through paper. I meant to keep my supply specially for book signings, but found myself reaching for them all the time. So now I have them in 6 colors.

My new love.

I feel like a dragon in a treasure cave. Happy day.

4 thoughts on “Office Supply Love

  1. I’m with you on the notebooks. And the pens. My current pens have not been lasting, and I’ve had to switch colors in the middle of scenes, which drives me CRAZY. Lol. I will have to check out the Sharpie pen next time!


  2. “Normal is overrated” So very true! 😀 And yay for having different colored pens… I love my orange micron, though it’s starting to give up the ghost. I’ll have to try the sharpie pens. Sounds like those would be great to draw with too!


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