Book Launch Party!

Last Thursday was The Illuminator’s Gift‘s first solo appearance in a bookstore! The charming Village House of Books hosted a party that entertained both kids and kids at heart. About 50 people turned out for the fun, in spite of a massive traffic accident that blocked Highway 17 and much of Los Gatos. I myself was almost late to the party. But hearing about a huge truck crash with fatalities makes you grateful to be alive, let alone be at a bookstore having fun with some wonderful kids.

Photo credit: Jim Hillmann

My mom did shiny, swirly face painting, with designs either from the story of The Illuminator’s Gift or inspired by the cover.

Photo credit: Jim Hillmann

Kids of all ages entered a coloring contest, redesigning the cover of The Illuminator’s Gift according to their own imaginations (and supervised by cover artist Amalia Hillmann).

Photo credit: Jim Hillmann

More than one guest arrived in a stroller or baby wrap. These moms are my heroes for starting ’em young. This little charmer was helping me sign books.

Photo credit: Daniel Sayre

Then we all got to do some reading. Perfect party, right? This image is a snapshot of my dream job.

Photo credit: Jim Hillmann

One lucky girl won a free book as a door prize. A bunch of the kids followed along in their copies as we read from chapter 15, “Illuminations.”

Photo credit: Jim Hillmann

Another girl won a book based on her shiny entry to the art contest. Several of the contestants posed to show off their beautiful work.

Fun was had by all, then this writer went home for a good night’s sleep.

For a complete gallery of pictures, visit artist Amalia Hillmann’s website!

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