A Splendid Supply of Surprising Sweets

The adventurous and interesting Tami Clayton invited me to play a game of letters (my favorite kind). The rules: reveal 10 of your favorite things that begin with a certain letter of the alphabet.

My letter (in case the post title didn’t give it away): S!


Stories: Escape into magical worlds. Power to change the real world. What I want to spend my life writing and reading.

Spices: Cooking has never been so interesting!

Sliding ladders: Ohhh, I want one so much!! Or I could just move into a library that has them.

Shakespeare: The love of my literary life (minus the earring). The genius bard of the Western world. Themes as relevant today as they were in the 16th century. Need I say more?

Sunshine: Just one of the many great reasons to be living in California again!

Scotland: The windswept land of bagpipes and legends, monks and poets, caber tossing and lovely accents–my second-favorite place in the world (after home, of course).

Springtime: My favorite season of the year!

Singing: I like to shatter windows with the high notes. (Actually, I just like imitating Hayley Westenra in the shower, on my church praise team, and when I have the house to myself.)

Sincerity: One of the characteristics I value most in friends (and in literary characters).

Socks: These are not my feet. But I kind of wish they were. My favorite Tinker Bell pair got a hole in them, but I do have a pretty awesome pair of knee-high blue-and-green argyles.

What are your favorite S-things? If you have a blog and want to play the letter game, leave me a comment and I’ll send you a starting letter via Facebook or Twitter!

12 thoughts on “A Splendid Supply of Surprising Sweets

  1. I love sliding ladders and have wanted one for a long time. A big room filled with books up to the far reaches of the tall ceiling would be nice, too. Great post! 🙂


  2. Superb lists. Love those socks! I’m a sock girl myself and have a drawerful for each season. Have you seen those color-coordinated, mismatched socks you can buy in Disney stores? They are a little kooky, but fun.S is such a nice letter. I have T and will be posting soon on that.


    1. I have seen those mismatched socks you can buy! I have to admit, the concept weirds me out a little–I can mismatch my own socks, thanks 🙂 I love that you have a sock drawer for each season! I have a special collection for Christmas/December, but that’s about it. Can’t wait for your T post!


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