Even More Cuteness, Part 3

Does anybody else need some cuteness this Friday? Yeah, me too. Five different kinds of cuteness, coming right up.

Four baby raccoons in a tree! (A group of raccoons is called a gaze.)

Photo credit: Tyler Smith

Fennec foxes. (A group of these would be called a leash, a skulk, or an earth.) The pets I want almost as much as hedgehogs and sugar gliders. Look at those ears!

Photo credit: Dean Thorpe

Baby sloth in a box! For extra squeals, here’s a video of baby sloths taking a bath! (A whole bunch of them together are a “bed” of sloths :)).

Photo credit: Jennifer Jordan

Koala taking a nap. (There’s no name for a group of these, because they hang out by themselves.) Sooo cuddly.

Photo credit: Susan Renee

And squirrel monkeys goofing off for the camera. (Hehe, a group of monkeys is called a troop of monkeys!)

Photo credit: Joachim S. Muller

Happy Friday!

All The Cuteness, Part 2

Okay. If you thought the hedgehogs were cute, I am about to show you something that will BLOW YOUR MIND with cuteness.

Photo credit: Ryan Lee
Sugar gliders! They’re tiny flying possums that are native to Australia and Indonesia…
…and they fit inside wine glasses. 
…and they snuggle in the palm of your hand.

Photo credit: Arnold T. Schwartzenglider

…and they hug your thumb.

Photo credit: Wm Jas

And they can do this!

Photo credit: Arnold T. Schwartzenglider

I want one of these to go with my imaginary hedgehog. But sadly, sugar gliders are also illegal pets in California (and Alaska, Hawaii, and Massachusetts). Seriously, what are those lawmakers thinking?

But tell me you’re not smiling now. Have a great Friday!


Warning: this post has absolutely no intellectual content. Sometimes brains need a break.
So this post is about hedgehogs.
I didn’t really understand what the thing was about hedgehogs before. Their pictures circulate a lot on Facebook, but whatever. Puppies are way cuter.  
But on a visit to the San Francisco Zoo a few weeks ago, I actually got to see a hedgehog…and pet it…
…and now hedgehogs are a thing. So. Much. Cuteness.

Image courtesy of stock.xchng and tburgey

I know, right? Beatrix Potter’s respectable Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle and Brian Jacques’ Ambrose Spike never prepared me for this. Those spikes aren’t really poky–they feel kind of like rubber. 

Image courtesy of stock.xchng and sparkules
…and this one drinks out of a teacup! Just like a good British hedgehog. 

Image courtesy of stock.xchng and greengia

…and here’s one rolled up in a ball…

Image courtesy of stock.xchng and mouse

Eee! It’s waving. Hellooo, little adorable hedgehog…

Depressingly, hedgehogs are perfectly legal pets in all the states except for Maine, Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Pennslvania…and California. Guess I’ll be contenting myself with internet pictures for the time being.
(If you have links to more cute hedgehog pictures, post them in the comments! I can’t get enough of them!)