We Have A Winner!

And…we have a winner!

Congratulations to Hillary, whose submission to the TIG on the Shelf contest won her a free e-book of The Illuminator’s Gift! 


Enjoy your book love, Hillary!

The winning drawing slip!

And though, no, I did not enter the contest myself, I had a little fun taking #TIGontheshelf pictures…


I’ve always wanted to snuggle up on the white bookshelf in the corner, cozy between Sabatini and Scott. I would, however, feel a little awkward–not only because I’d be horrifically misshelved among the classics, but also because my book looks like a giraffe next to those mass markets!


So ah, this is home sweet home: my children’s lit shelf. And a pretty nice neighborhood it is, I must say. Levine, Jacques, Sage (with a bookmark still in it)…these are classics I treasured as a child and have never stopped loving.

Have a lovely, bookish long weekend!

If you didn’t get around to entering this contest, stay tuned–we’ll be having more fun with different kinds of contests in the coming months 🙂 You can find out more by following me on Facebook and/or Twitter (check out the sidebar)! 

Book Love Contest: TIG On The Shelf

It’s February!

This month, love gets a lot of attention. Some people show love with chocolate, flowers, or sappy movies. Others love…books. 

Book love
Image courtesy of Kate Hiscock

So to share some book love, I’m running my first-ever contest!

TIG On The Shelf

Step 1. Take a picture of your paperback copy of The Illuminator’s Gift among its companions on your bookshelf. (Alphabetical order admired, but not required. Creative arrangements welcome.)

Step 2. E-mail the picture to me at alinasayreauthor@gmail.com. If you’d like, you can also post your submissions to Twitter using the hashtag #TIGontheshelf.

Step 3. Your name will go in a drawing for a free e-book copy of The Illuminator’s Gift! You can either keep it for yourself or have it e-mailed to a recipient of your choice. Because what better way is there to show love than books?


Submit pictures by midnight on Thursday, February 13th. The winner will be announced on this blog on Friday, February 14th. All submissions will be featured on this website, with special attention given to the winner. By submitting pictures, you grant me permission to post them on this website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, along with your first name.

So start snapping pictures! I can’t wait to see your shelves!