Guess How Old I Am…

This week I turned a year older.

Hopefully I’m a little wiser than I was last year. I definitely have more experience to my name. And a lot of book copies in the garage with my name, too.

But staying young at heart is something I hope I’ll always strive for. So to celebrate the milestone, my mom and I went on adventure…to a land where giraffes grow on freeways.


Where coffee spells love:


Where my life philosophy is affirmed:


And most importantly, where there are no fewer than 4 independent bookstores on a single street. I will write a separate blog post reviewing said bookstores in the near future 🙂 

This magical place was none other than Piedmont, California. My mom was a trooper, and the adventure was splendid. And so were the bookstores.


Can you guess how old I am now? No cheating if you’ve known me longer than 10 years!

7 thoughts on “Guess How Old I Am…

  1. Happy birthday! What a fun thing to do for your birthday! I knew right where you were from the first giraffe pic 😀 Did you go to Fenton’s Creamery? (If not, we’ll have to take you sometime!)


    1. YES! My mom and I had lunch at Fenton’s. Unfortunately, by the time we got to the bottom of the sandwich, we had no more room for the ice cream. I might have to go again just for that 🙂


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