A Piece of Cake

This Monday takes the cake.


I planned to start this week out by meeting my friend Ashley at Starbucks. Little did I expect her and her parents to step out of the car and hand me a big white box with a beautiful leather-bound book inside.

An edible book.

Yes, folks, that is a Les Miserables CAKE. I devoured Victor Hugo’s famous work my senior year of high school, and it’s been one of my favorite books ever since, but I never expected to literally be able to EAT it.Β 
Ashley and her mom Angie are amazing cake artisans (you can check out some of their other jaw-dropping creations here). Look at the incredible details!
Doesn’t the icing really look like leather? How cool is that?Β 

Β And possibly my favorite detail: a big-eyed bookworm creeping around the corner πŸ™‚

It even has my name on the spine! Thank you, Ashley and Angie, for kicking my week off to a great start.Β 
So, did anybody else find a surprise planted in their Monday? Or want to come over for some cake?Β 

16 thoughts on “A Piece of Cake

  1. The cake looks wonderful! What a great surprise. I once was a French major and read part of Les Miserables in French. But I’ve enjoyed the play many times a whole lot more. πŸ™‚


    1. Wow, you read the book in its original French? I considered learning the language JUST for that reason. But I decided the English translation was so good that it wouldn’t be worth it πŸ™‚ I love the musical too!


  2. Wow! This might make even Victor Hugo jealous!! πŸ˜€ Beautiful work Ashley and Angie!For me, this Monday after Resurrection Sunday is in itself a wonderful gift! Sometimes I forget, and simply ‘expect’ Monday to just show up after Sunday, but really, we don’t ‘earn’ or ‘deserve’ a Monday… TODAY is a wonderful gift from a loving God! Alina, you just happened to get some icing on your cake!!


  3. I hope I’m not too late. If you can send your address and when would be a good time for us to sit down and eat that cake . . . I agree with all the others: amazing friends, amazing cake, amazing way to start the week. πŸ™‚


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